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The use of your hands is involved in nearly every aspect of your daily life so it's important for them to function properly. Impaired hands can cause pain or difficulty with even the smallest tasks, from holding objects to brushing your teeth. Board-certified plastic surgeon and hand surgeon Dr. Omar Ahmed performs surgeries to improve hand function for patients in Pasadena, CA. Hand surgery is a highly customized reconstructive treatment for a variety of hand conditions, including hand and wrist fractures, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, sports-related injuries, arthritis, neurovascular injuries, and many other disfigurements and deformities. To learn more about this cutting-edge surgery for your hands, contact Omar Ahmed, M.D. to schedule your consultation.

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IDEAL CANDIDATES for hand Surgery

If you experience wrist, hand, or arm pain or discomfort that interferes with your daily life, you may be a good candidate for hand surgery. If you have a visible deformity and you would like to improve the cosmetic appearance and overall function of your hands, we may also consider you a candidate. During your one-on-one consultation, Dr. Ahmed will perform an examination to determine your specific treatment plan to repair the condition and function of your hands.

Hand Surgery Technique

The specific technique used to perform your surgery will vary based on your injury or condition. To best repair the function of your hands, Dr. Ahmed performs intricate hand surgeries to address any current problems. For many hand surgeries at Omar Ahmed, M.D., patients will be given a local anesthetic to numb the treatment site. If this is the case, your surgery will take place at our clinic. For surgeries to treat more complex issues, your procedure will be done at an outpatient surgery center or hospital under general anesthesia.

WHAT TO EXPECT After Hand Surgery

After your hand surgery, your treated wrist or hand will be wrapped in a bandage before we send you home with post-care instructions from Dr. Ahmed. It is important to follow this advice to prevent infection and promote healing. You will need to rest for several days or weeks, depending on the extent of your surgery and how quickly your recovery progresses. Dr. Ahmed may require that you attend a series of follow-up appointments at our Pasadena, CA office to monitor the development of your healing and manage any pain. For more complex cases, additional surgeries may be needed.

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If you struggle to carry out everyday tasks due to hand or wrist pain, the team at Omar Ahmed, M.D. wants to offer a solution. Dr. Ahmed is highly trained and experienced in performing hand surgery to address many different complex conditions, including traumatic injuries, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and many more. Contact our team in Pasadena, CA to book your appointment today.

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