Can You Get Another Mommy Makeover if You've Already Had One?

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A mommy makeover combines two or more cosmetic procedures, such as a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentation or reduction. At Omar Ahmed, M.D., we often meet patients considering full mommy makeover plastic surgery who ask a common question, "Can I have this type of procedure again down the road?" We understand that the physical stress of having children, even the natural aging process, can change the appearance of your body. While the procedures that make up this popular cosmetic surgery for women are repeatable, the answer depends on the patient and other factors.

So, can mommy makeover surgery be performed twice? Read on to learn more about whether a second mommy makeover may be right for you from board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed. If you have questions about the procedures included in a mommy makeover or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed, contact our office in Pasadena, CA.

What is a mommy makeover?

Full mommy makeover plastic surgery combines skin-tightening and fat-reducing procedures that help patients get back their bodies back. Many Pasadena, CA women consider this popular surgical procedure because they are unhappy with how their bodies look after having children or with age. It combines two or more techniques to help with undesirable areas, like a flabby stomach or deflated breasts. By combining these body contouring treatments into one surgical setting, busy women can plan for one recovery period. During a consultation, Dr. Ahmed will access your problem areas, go over your complete medical history, and discuss a surgical plan to achieve your cosmetic goals.

When is the best time to get a mommy makeover?

In Pasadena, CA, mommy makeovers continue to rise in popularity every year. Pregnancy and childbirth can put an immense amount of stress on a woman's body. However, even if you don't have children, you can have problem areas and want to feel better about how your body looks. This personalized surgery can help you. The best part is it combines different body contouring treatments on the same day, making it convenient and cost-effective. Women who are nonsmokers, healthy, at a stable weight, and have realistic expectations can usually consider this cosmetic surgery regardless of age. However, if you are a mom and recently had a baby, it is recommended to wait six months to a year before considering a mommy makeover day.

Can I have full mommy makeover plastic surgery twice?

In most cases, it is essential to plan your surgery when you can commit to your results, avoid weight fluctuations, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. For many patients, that means thinking about plans for a future pregnancy. We usually encourage women to defer full mommy makeover plastic surgery until they are done growing their family. However, we understand that life happens. Dr. Ahmed and his caring team are committed to helping patients make an educated decision about planning their initial surgery and even replanning a second one when needed. If you find that age or having another baby has compromised your initial mommy makeover results, we can help you restore your body with a second mommy makeover procedure.

Discover your options for a mommy makeover in Pasadena, CA

For women who undergo full mommy makeover plastic surgery, maintaining the results is usually the primary goal. But, losing or gaining weight, having additional children, or simply the natural aging process can alter the results of this life-changing surgery. If that happens, Dr. Ahmed can perform different body contouring treatments to reshape or lift your breasts, remove excess fat, and tighten loose abdominal skin. To learn more or schedule a private consultation with Dr. Omar Ahmed, call Omar Ahmed, M.D. in Pasadena, CA today.

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