How Long is the Recovery Time for a Mommy Makeover?

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Mommy makeovers are becoming more popular as women hope to restore their bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. Common procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck surgery. So, what is it like after a mommy makeover, and how long do results last?

Though a full recovery could take months, most people return to normal routines within several weeks. A board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist can provide a detailed timeline based on your procedures.

Below, Dr. Omar Ahmed provides a general overview of the mommy makeover recovery process, as well as tips for making healing as seamless as possible. Call Omar Ahmed, M.D. in Pasadena, CA to schedule an appointment and see why so many women entrust us with their care.

What areas does a mommy makeover target?

Pregnancy and childbirth cause a wide range of issues in women, including stretched-out skin around the breasts, fat deposits in the hips and thighs, and excess tissue around the abdomen. A mommy makeover is designed to meet your unique needs based on the changes you experience. Dr. Ahmed designs custom surgical plans that may address one or several areas at the same time.

What side effects are expected after a mommy makeover?

Cosmetic surgery of any kind requires time for proper healing. After a mommy makeover, expect some swelling and bruising in the treatment areas. It may be challenging to walk around due to the incisions. Omar Ahmed, M.D provides detailed post-operative instructions to minimize side effects and maximize comfort. We also prescribe pain medication to reduce discomfort.

How long does it take to recover from a mommy makeover?

The length of your mommy makeover recovery depends on your procedures. Generally, people who undergo one cosmetic surgery need 2 – 4 weeks to heal initially before returning to daily activities in Pasadena, CA. However, if you have several procedures done at once, it may take 6 – 8 weeks before you feel back to normal.

Keep in mind that patients should not exercise or lift anything heavy until they have been cleared by our team. Recovery may take up to six months as your body adjusts to the new contours.

Additional considerations for mommy makeover recovery

Factors like incision care and drains placed during surgery also affect your mommy makeover recovery. Patients should keep these areas clean and dry to prevent infection. Supportive garments like compression bras also help keep you comfortable. Dr. Ahmed reviews topics like this in greater detail during your consultation.

How to make recovery easier after a mommy makeover

Healing is different for everyone, but there are a few ways to make the process easier:

  • Follow all post-operative instructions from Dr. Ahmed: This includes taking medications as prescribed and returning for follow-up appointments.
  • Sleep in an elevated position: Elevation relieves pressure on the incisions and helps with drainage.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well: Drinking water helps your body recover from trauma more quickly. A healthy diet provides the nutrients you need to heal.
  • Don’t smoke: Smoking inhibits your ability to heal properly and leads to complications.

Have a seamless mommy makeover recovery

Common issues from pregnancy and childbirth can be addressed with a mommy makeover. For more information about this life-changing cosmetic surgery, call Omar Ahmed, M.D. in Pasadena, CA to schedule an appointment with a specialist. Dr. Omar Ahmed understands the unique challenges women face after having children and is dedicated to providing individualized care.

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