How Soon Can I Start Exercising After a Tummy Tuck?

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You are probably excited about undergoing a tummy tuck. Soon, you can have the flat abdomen you have been dreaming about. Maybe you have been working out but have been unable to shed the unwanted pooch, or you recently had a baby and simply cannot regain your figure no matter how hard you try. Whatever your circumstances, one of the biggest concerns that most people have after undergoing a tummy tuck is how soon they can start exercising again. Tummy tuck surgery does take time to recover from. Typically, you cannot start exercising again for at least eight weeks.

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed and his skilled team perform tummy tuck surgery in Pasadena, CA. If you are interested in undergoing a tummy tuck, schedule an appointment today at Omar Ahmed, M.D.

At your consultation, Dr. Ahmed will listen closely to your goals and discuss what you can expect following tummy tuck surgery and how soon after surgery you can return to normal life. Typically, it will take several days to walk upright without discomfort. However, within two weeks, most patients can return to their normal lifestyle. Your stomach will continue to feel sore, but that is a normal part of the healing process and does take time to go away. After two months, you can typically start working out again.

Is tummy tuck right for me?

No one likes downtime. If you enjoy exercising, then two months can sound like an eternity for someone living an active lifestyle. However, you’ll need to evaluate your goals. Sometimes, even with the most dedicated exercise program, people simply cannot tighten their abdomen or get rid of excess skin in this stubborn area. If you want a flat tummy, a tummy tuck may be one of your only options. Yes, it will take time to recover from the surgery, but after two months, you can start pursuing your exercise and fitness goals again with a flat stomach.

Prior to undergoing a tummy tuck, you should have a stable weight. Remember, a tummy tuck is not a substitute for dedicated weight loss. It will only remove loose skin. If you also want to remove fat pockets, then you can combine liposuction with a tummy tuck to achieve even greater results. Following the two procedures, your abdomen can look flat and toned.

If you are a woman considering a tummy tuck, you should make sure you no longer wish to have additional pregnancies, or you will lose the results of the tummy tuck.

What to know about tummy tuck surgery

A tummy tuck is a form of body contouring. The surgery is performed using general anesthesia. An incision is made in the abdomen (the size of the incision varies depending on your needs and desired results). If you have an abundance of loose skin, you might benefit from a full tummy tuck, which involves making an incision just above the pubic area from hip bone to hip bone. However, if you only have minimal loose skin, you might only require a small incision to tighten the loose skin.

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If you are interested in undergoing a tummy tuck to gain the body contours you are dreaming about, schedule a consultation today at Omar Ahmed, M.D. in Pasadena, CA. Dr. Omar Ahmed will develop a custom treatment plan, which might focus only on a tummy tuck or include a tummy tuck with liposuction, to help you get the body you desire.

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