Is Breast Augmentation Possible Without Breast Implants?

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Recently there has been a dramatic increase in the number of women electing to undergo breast augmentation. While breast implants are the go-to method for achieving larger breasts, some patients are uninterested in materials like saline and silicone. So, can you increase breast size without implants? The answer is yes.

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed understands that not everyone is interested in foreign materials for enhancing their breasts. A fat transfer in Pasadena, CA uses your own natural fat. Learn how Omar Ahmed, M.D. provides gorgeous breast augmentation results by reading below.

Why should women consider breast augmentation?

Nowadays, more women are hoping to increase breast size for a more voluminous appearance. Whether you want to enhance your natural tissue or restore volume that was lost after breastfeeding or weight loss, there is no denying the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation can help your clothes fit better and provide a boost of confidence that few other procedures can.

How does a fat transfer work?

A fat transfer takes unwanted fat from areas like the abdomen, thighs, or flanks and transfers it to the breasts. The fat is purified before it is administered back into the body, giving you natural results without the aid of foreign materials, like silicone. Results can be subtle or dramatic, depending on your personal preference and anatomy.

Fat grafting gives patients the best of both worlds. Not only does treatment give you a more voluptuous figure, but it also takes away unwanted bulges and pockets of fat that make you feel self-conscious.

Does a fat transfer lead to long-term results?

Yes! There is an art and science behind fat grafting if it is performed by the right professional. Before your procedure in Pasadena, CA, Dr. Ahmed will map out the areas where we want to remove fat pockets and how much fat is needed to achieve great results. We may slightly overfill your breasts since a small amount of fat is gradually absorbed by your body after treatment, but patients are generally happy with their outcomes.

What happens after a fat transfer procedure?

You may expect a little bruising and swelling after a fat transfer. These side effects should subside after a short period, but it's important to follow our aftercare guidelines to minimize discomfort after surgery. Dr. Ahmed recommends refraining from strenuous activities for a few weeks or months, depending on your comfort level.

Are there any potential risks with a fat transfer?

There is always some risk when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Fat grafting techniques have been performed for years and are considered safe when completed by an experienced board-certified professional. Dr. Ahmed will be able to discuss any concerns or hesitations you may have about a fat transfer during a breast augmentation consultation.

Increase breast size without implants

Breast augmentation is an excellent option for women, even if they are uninterested in saline or silicone implants. This is why board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed offers fat grafting in Pasadena, CA. Omar Ahmed, M.D. can use your own natural fat to boost your breasts with long-lasting results. Contact our practice to learn about this procedure and other breast enhancement options.

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