Our Tummy Tuck Can Get Your Body Beach Ready This Summer

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Many people go to the beach or pool as soon as the weather warms up. If you want to get beach-body ready this summer, Omar Ahmed, M.D. is proud to offer a life-changing procedure called a tummy tuck. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area to create a firmer stomach that can make you feel extra confident.

Dr. Ahmed can help you look and feel your best through body contouring. Call our team in Pasadena, CA to schedule a consultation and see how a tummy tuck may improve your appearance this season.

How does a belly "pooch" form?

The abdominal area changes over time and for a variety of reasons. Pregnancy and weight fluctuations cause stretched-out skin and fat accumulation around the middle. Even if you have never been pregnant and have always maintained a stable weight, you may still notice problem areas as you age. People often describe a protruding stomach as a belly "pooch."

Even a small amount of extra skin or small fat pockets are resistant to diet and exercise. Form-fitting clothes like bikinis and bathing suits can make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. Tummy tuck surgery at Omar Ahmed, M.D. can now provide the slim, toned abdomen you have always wanted.

What happens during a tummy tuck

Dr. Ahmed uses custom techniques to contour the abdomen during surgery, but all treatments generally involve extra skin and fat removal. The underlying abdominal muscles may be tightened as well. This part of body contouring is especially important for women who were pregnant and experience muscle separation (diastasis recti) that contributes to a belly "pooch."

Incisions are placed from hip to hip just above the pubic area during surgery. Rest assured that incisions are placed in discreet locations where they are easily hidden by clothing. Our team in Pasadena, CA takes great care to minimize scarring whenever possible.

How to enhance your results during recovery

We understand many people want to show off their slimmer waistline in a bathing suit as soon as possible. However, you need time to rest and recover after tummy tuck surgery. Omar Ahmed, M.D. can recommend several ways to improve your outcomes and make the healing process more comfortable.

  • Avoid strenuous workouts: Pushing yourself too hard or too soon after surgery strains the incision site and delays the healing process. Talk to Dr. Ahmed about when you can hit the gym again.
  • Get plenty of rest: Plan on spending about two weeks in bed or on the couch. Sleep with your head elevated to reduce side effects, like swelling, and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.
  • Protect the surgical area from the sun: UV rays cause scarring, so keep the tummy tuck incisions out of direct sunlight. Use sunscreen and cover up with clothing when spending time outdoors.

Get bikini-ready with a tummy tuck

Summertime can mean only one thing – bathing suit season! Give yourself the confidence you need to enjoy your summer with tummy tuck surgery. Call to meet with board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed and see what this cutting-edge body contouring procedure can do for you in Pasadena, CA. Omar Ahmed, M.D. knows how to provide the look you desire and the care you deserve.

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