Will a Breast Lift Reduce My Cup Size?

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Is your breast size a source of insecurity? Do your breasts sag, or do areolas hang down due to breastfeeding? Are you looking for a way to maintain a natural look without implants? Consider getting a breast lift at Omar Ahmed, M.D. Breast lift surgery can give your breasts an uplifted appearance. The best part is that surgery can make your bustline appear rounder and more youthful.

A breast lift may not change your cup size, but there are options to add more volume to your breasts. To learn more, meet with board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgical specialist Dr. Omar Ahmed. Our clinic has helped many women from Pasadena, CA restore their breasts and achieve a more pleasing shape through personalized treatment plans.

What's a breast lift?

It's common for breasts to droop naturally due to age, breastfeeding, or weight changes. A breast lift removes excess skin on the breasts and tightens surrounding tissue to give you an uplifted appearance. You may benefit from a breast lift if you have sagging breasts, or symptoms such as skin irritation under your breasts, or discomfort due to extra tissue.

Who should get a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery is ideal for women who want to restore or maintain their bustlines. Although two patients may not have the same reasons to get a breast lift, they are likely great candidates if they meet the following criteria in Pasadena, CA:

  • Good overall health

  • Realistic expectations about results and recovery

  • No history of smoking or serious chronic disease, such as heart disease

  • Surgery and post-operative instructions have been discussed with Dr. Ahmed

How will a breast lift change my cup size?

A breast lift can make your breasts perkier, but this surgery by itself will not change your cup size. For example, if you were a C cup before having a breast lift, you will still be a C cup after surgery. Many of our patients prefer to have the same bra size because their main issue is sagging or drooping skin. Plus, they won't have to shop for new bras and undergarments (unless they want to).

However, some women are interested in increasing their breast size and reducing sagging tissue at the same time. If this is the case, breast augmentation can be performed in combination with a lift to give you fuller outcomes. This involves the use of medical-grade saline or silicone implants that provide volume that has been lost due to age or pregnancy.

What should I choose?

Some of our patients are happy with their breast size and are interested in restoring perkiness. Others are hoping for more volume so they can enhance their natural silhouette. No matter your cosmetic goals, Dr. Ahmed can help you achieve them. We'll discuss these options and more during a consultation and help you decide which treatment method is best for you.

Enhance your breasts

Many women who undergo breast lift surgery are satisfied with the size of their breasts post-surgery. If you are interested in a more voluminous appearance in Pasadena, CA, Dr. Omar Ahmed may recommend breast augmentation. It’s important to discuss your goals and expectations during a consultation so we can come to the right conclusion together. Contact the trained team at Omar Ahmed, M.D. today if you have concerns about how a breast lift will affect your cup size.

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